It's cold in here.

As I type this on a frigid, Canadian winter night, I can't help but ponder the start of Plaid Coyote. Most of the website has been coded in anticipation of the first several comics to begin rolling out. Coding with WordPress has been a unique adventure, one that's tested my patience and questioned my sanity as I've been slowly molding something tangible to fit the comic's needs.

In a sense I feel like this is a new beginning into an art medium I haven't dared jump into until now. It's exciting and awkward at the same time, and has oddly challenged my sense of humor and writing abilities as I continue to explore and work scenarios in my head and onto the screen.

I've quickly learned that tileable plaid textures are probably one of the more difficult patterns to work with. My years of UV/Texture mapping seem to be nothing compared to this strange fabric usually reserved for any person living north of the 49th parallel. Exceptions include grunge bands and hipsters.

All else aside, it gives me a warm feeling jumping into new territory. This will be an interesting next several months, and I can't thank each and every one of you for helping me along the way to get this project to where it is now.

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's warming up in here.