Well here we are. Less then 24 hours left until the moon crashes into Vancouver the 12th Baktun (era) of the Mayan Calendar ends. It works like a giant clock or odometer, continually adding onto one another, so you can all relax - the world is not going to end. This doesn't mean I'm not gonna have some fun with it though! Me and my little brother have been waiting several years for this event just to nerd it up, Majora's Mask style!

At the top of the website, I'll be updating the countdown with day & night themes, as well as songs from those days in game. I don't know about everyone else.. but I'm really looking forward to blasting the Final Hours song at the end :)

In the meantime, I wrote up an article explaining the Mayan Calendar, and it's relation to the end of the world. It can get a bit lengthy at parts, but I don't think you'd find a shorter one anytime soon! So dust off those history books if you appreciate a good read:

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